Incoming Investments, Private Equity and M&A Advisory

Avvalor Corporate Solutions is a member of the M&A Worldwide network (www.m-a-worldwide), with offices in Milan and a network of associate partners across the main industrial districts of Italy.

We provide assistance for incoming investments (Industrial investors, Private Equity funds and Family Offices looking for acquisitions in Italy) and we assist Italians entrepreneurs during key moments in their company’s life: searching for a new Shareholder, negotiating Financing deals, assisting during a family succession.


Thanks to our local network of contacts in the Banking, Finance and Industry, Avvalor can identify the ideal acquisition target for international investors, approach the target and assist in the M&A negotiations. 

Corporate Finance & Banking

Avvalor can help your Company issue a  Minibond, search for funding for ordinary or extraordinary needs, organize your financing sources and the relationship with banks.


Avvalor can assist clients in their strategic governance choices, in the definition of a Business Plan, in company check-ups, in the company value assessment, or in key moments like family successions.



M&A Worldwide is a leading mid-market M&A advisory practice, bringing professional M&A services to clients across the world. For more than 15 years our mission has been to bring together companies, entrepreneurs, private equity firms, and business professionals. We can implement acquisition or disposal strategies, raise debt or equity capital, and support clients in their growth strategy.

M&A Worldwide in 2020 closed 533 deals, positioning itself as one of the main platforms for Mid Market M&A.

More than 390 M&A professionals in 36 countries and 49 offices work together to identify the best acquisition opportunities or the most appropriate financial or strategic buyers worldwide.

M&A Worldwide supports clients through its 12 key industry groups (e.g. Advanced Manufacturing, Food, ICT, Healthcare, Energy), combining sector expertise and contacts from across the globe.