Avvalor work in the area of ​​”Corporate Finance” or in research, data collection and organization of financial resources to meet the business needs of ordinary and extraordinary that happens in the life cycle of a company acting in the field of :

Arranging loans of various types, pooled or individual institutions..

Assistance in assembling operations Leverage Buy-Out in the different formulas (LBO, MBO, FBO, MBI).

Finding Equity Finance (collection of risk capital) in partnership with private equity funds and Merchant Bank.

Assistance in the context of “Mergers and Acquisitions business”, in the most diverse sectors and between EU and not U.E. (in partnership with the international network), strong experience accumulated in the mechanical sector, agribusiness, tourism, hotels, construction, logistics.

Debt restructuring for companies in turnaround phase, in conjunction with the consultant in the strategic repositioning and production processes.

We can help the entrepreneur to define a new corporate structure, help find the capital to make new acquisitions, or look for investors interested in buying your company.