Our company is managed by its founders, professionals who have worked for more than twenty years in the field of corporate finance, industry and consulting in Italy and abroad, and are proud to be entrepreneurs themselves. Not belonging to industrial groups, banking or insurance we operate with complete independence. The combination of our expertise guarantees the customer a tailored approach focused on their needs.

Fabrizio Ricci
Partner and CEO.

After a five-year experience in Administration and Finance at Hewlett-Packard, he continued his career in international banking institutions such as The Chase…

Giovanni Galeazzi
Partner and Executive Officer.

Giovanni worked in IBM, Telecom Italia and other international companies in the ITC and automotive sectors, acquiring an international experience in management…

Gabriele Orlandi

After 5 years of scientific career at CERN Laboratory in Geneva, Gabriele gained over 20 years of experience in Business Planning / Reporting, Corporate Finance…

Avvalor’s Advisory Board
A team of area specialists:

– IT, Software and Technology
– Aerospace
– Automotive
– Fashion & Luxury
– Food & Wine
– Mechanical Engineering
– Packaging