Avvalor Corporate Solutions joined the Network of Partner Equity Markets of Borsa Italiana in September 2015.

Small and medium enterprises are often the most ambitious, but to get ahead they need new resources, new relationships and new capital.

To help enterprises achieve their growth targets Borsa Italiana created ELITE, a unique platform of integrated services. ELITE offers enterprises the industrial, financial and organisational skills they need to address the challenges of international markets.

ELITE is aimed at the cream of Italian enterprises, and offers a three-phase-programme to help them chart the route to success.

  • supporting them in a unique process of cultural and organisational change
  • introducing them to the capital markets
  • enhancing relations with the banking and enterprise systems
  • fostering internationalisation

An ELITE company is more transparent, more efficient, more visible and more attractive to potential investors.

ELITE enhances the present and prepares for the future. That’s why ELITE means growth, change, leadership.

The Equity Markets Partners, adhering to international best practices, work with Borsa Italiana to help Italian SMI in every phase of their lifecycle.

AVVALOR assists entrepreneurs in the definition and implementation of strategic development plans.

AVVALOR helps companies to grow both in their domestic and foreign markets providing the capital required to carry out ordinary or extraordinary activities (Debt Capital Market) and assisting during the transformation phase.

Avvalor is partner of the M&A Worldwide network and can identify investors or target companies for acquisition in Italy or abroad.

The announcement on the websites of Borsa Italiana and ELITE: