AVVALOR Corporate Solutions was founded in 2009 in Milan by senior managers from different domains (Finance & Banking, Industry, Management Consulting). We are “hands on” consultants, working closely with the entrepreneur to deliver results in expansion projects in Italy or abroad.
Our experiences in the Italian business and industrial environments make us a reliable partner when conducting operations in Italy. Our network of advisors and partners allows us to operate with confidence in different industries and countries.

Avvalor delivers a range of solutions to deal with today’s changing business environment:

  • M&A: Search for Acquisition targets in Italy or abroad
  • Corporate Finance: assisting companies for ordinary and extraordinary finance needs.
  • Consulting: Company restructuring, Family succession, Business Process re-engineering.

Avvalor assists its clients in the area of ​​”Corporate Finance” to meet the ordinary and extraordinary business needs that happens in the life cycle of a company

  • Assist your company for ordinary financing needs
  • Issuing a Minibond or identifying other sources of long term financing  
  • Help planning a family succession 


38 members in 40 countries, specialized in the “Middle Market”.
468 deals in 2019, for 4,2 Billions euro, including 214 M&A operations 

400 experts to assist your transactions, organized in transnational industry sectors teams

Avvalor role:

  • Help Private Equity Funds or strategic investors to identify and approach Italian companies and assist during the acquisition process with local knowledge  
  • Assist Italian investors to find acquisition targets in Italy or abroad and work with the help of our international network to negotiate and execute the deal 
  • Help company owners willing to sell their shares in identifying the most suitable financial or industrial buyer